Who We Are

Regenerative Ranching + Soil Health

ROH was founded by first-generation ranchers, Jared and Terye Gaustad. A mother and son who sought out a fulfilling way of life stewarding the land and raising this keystone species under the big sky of western Montana. ROH is a regenerative ranch striving to produce nourishing meat, organ supplements, and leather goods. Our sole intention is to create a meaningful impact on the health of our consumers, community and the ecological wealth of our land.

Our Offerings

Grass-fed Meat • Food Trailer Catering • Leather Goods • Organ Supplements • Hides • Skulls • Ranch Tours

Our Name Origin

When the young are threatened by a predator the herd makes a special call to gather the calves together. All of the females in the herd form what's known as a Ring of Horns - a circle around their young, heads outward, horns interlocked together in a communal act of protection to defend against a threat.