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Ring of Horns



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Enjoy grass-fed and finished,

nutrient dense, regenerative and holistically raised bison in a variety of steaks and specialty cuts for all the loved ones in your life!

The total weight of a 1/4 bison is appox. (108 lbs) 

Local pick up or delivery to Missoula & Kalispell surrounding areas

Items included in your 1/4

-Ground Bison 

-Osso Bucco / Soup Bones 

-Short ribs 


-Chuck Steaks 

-Sirloin Steaks 


-Bison Stew Meat 



-Bone marrow

-T-bone Steaks

-Ribeye Steaks

-New York Strips

-Jerky Meat Sticks 

-Bison Hotdogs 

-Bison Summer Sausage 

-Buffalo Salami 




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